Deltek Quasar-R Dual

quasar_450New Quasar Dual warning beacons can eliminate the need for multiple lamps where different color warnings are required.They output high visibility dual colors and can be used as signal lights to indicate current states of equipment (e.g. amber/red beacon – red: vehicle has stopped, amber: vehicle is in motion).

Either of the Quasar Dual’s colors can be run on its own or both can display sequentially – and a rotating or flashing pattern can be hard -wired or controlled by an in-cabin switch.

Quasar beacons are extremelyrobust, tolerant to severe vibration levels and very compact in design. A high impact and shock resistant polycarbonate lens is bolted to a heavy-duty cast alloy base, sealed by a neoprene O-ring against dust and water ingress.The UV resistent multi-stage powder coating process ensures optimal corrosion protection.They are maintenance free with no
moving parts or fragile globes.

QUASAR-R Dual beacons incorporate the unique technology developed specifically for warning beacons used on mine sites to significally increase the signal contrast againist bright-sky or snow backgrounds and reduce occurence of phantom signals in direct sunlight.

All QUASAR-R Dual beacon are highly energy efficient, delivering up to70% energy saving over conventional beacons, which greatly reduces bothoperating temperature and demand on the vehicle’s electrical system.Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LEDs is ensured through integrating the heat sinks into the cast alloy base.The volt control module encapsulated directly into the base ensures full light intensity independent of supply voltage and protects the beacon against damage from overheating, reverse polarity and short circuits.

Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a highly flexible double-insulated cable sealed into the base, terminated with bare wire ends.Other connector options can be supplied as special orders.

QUASAR-R beacons are available in five LED signal colors (amber, red, blue, green, and white) to suite all signal applications. Installation is possible with either the standard direct mount or an optional pipe mounting kit.Temporary use applications are best served with the magnetic mount version, complete with a pre-wired cable and power plug.

Product features

  • Dual Color beacon allowing flashing or rotating pattern
  • Can run one color only or both colors intermittently
  • Switching between colors and patterns by hardwiring or by the use of a
    toggle switch
  • C-tick compliant
  • EMC compliant to CISPR25 Class 2
  • Direct Mounting
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Precision Fresnel optics
  • Powder coated cast alloy base
  • Direct, pipe mount or magnetic installation options
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Double insulated supply cable
  • O-ring seals
  • High efficiency long life LED
  • Unique Heliosheild™ ambient light suppression improves daylight


  • Multivolt™ 12-30V DC
  • Power consumption: 20W max
  • Frequency – Rotating: 80 cycles/min Flash: 72 fpm (quad)
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 50°C
  • Lead Length: 2 metres (double-insulated cable)
  • Protection: Overheat, reverse polarity and short circuit protected
  • Sealed against dust and moisture to IP6K5
  • Shock resistant to 200G
Amber / Red Direct Mount D450ARDIR
Green / Red Direct Mount D450GRDIR

Spare Parts & Options

White PC Lens


Pipe Mount Kit